Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Future

Do you ever wonder what the future holds? I do, everyday. I used to go to bed every night and just accept that whatever happened tomorrow would happen regardless of what I wanted and I just had to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. Well, now things are a bit scarier. As stated in previous posts,  my kids will most likely lose their father soon due to his constant law breaking antics and this gives a whole new meaning to "single parent." I feel as though its a new beginning but by the same token its a dead end. I can now raise my children the way I want to without some crazy man trying to steer the kids in the wrong way because he doesnt want them growing up to be "pussies." sigh. All these thoughts about the future bring me to my son's First Holy Communion. During the Homily (which is the time the priest lectures about the readings and gives his two cents) there was a discussion about the meaning behind children making their communion. Their bride and groom clothing is symbolic of them "marrying" into their faith and being loyal to God. The priest proceeded to mention that as parents of these children, we had to make sure to make sure the children attended mass every Sunday from the day of their communion to the day they become adults and are able to make their own decisions. Even then, we should still encourage them to attend Sunday mass so they pass it on when they have families of their own. The priest's point was that if we do not keep the children's faith alive, we will be paying for it later in life. Is this true? Is this just a priest blinded by his own faith in God? Normally I would think that way, but I can't help but wonder............when Joe (my kids father) was smaller, his parents never took him to mass or payed much attention to him. He was never treated the way a parent should treat their own child and he has commited multiple crimes and has a cold heart towards others. He and I both wonder if things might have been different had he been brought up in a more loving manner or if his parents had taken him to church every Sunday. Maybe the thought is irrelevant and dumb, but I can't seem to erase the thought............

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