Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My name should be Eeyore!

Have you ever reached that point in your life in which everything you thought you wanted you later realized wasn't what you wanted? I've been having those kinda moments lately. It seems as though nothing makes me happy anymore, with the exception of my kids of course. I'm back to the old days where I'm only happy when I'm out shopping and today's economy only allows so much of that stuff! To add insult to injury, I have my CRAZY aunts insisting I get on medication....anti-depressants to be exact. One of them even had the nerve to tell me that a certain medication will give me a high. I don't need a damn high, that crap is only temporary, I just want things back to normal. I think part of my problem is that there are several downers (people) in my life that must be eliminated permanently. I should do some life-type spring cleaning! I need to stop trying to make others happy because I don't want to hurt them and start thinking about me for once. Blah...even this blog is a downer. Now, I'm off to my daily homework duties...maybe if I concentrate hard enough I can forget how bummed I am!

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