Monday, March 15, 2010

Ignorance is NOT bliss!!

I always thought that blogging was an area in which you can release your thoughts, emotions, basically whatever was on your mind. I was recently attacked in my comments area about my "rants against my little children." I'm sorry to say that the ignorant "blogger" that posted the comment has no idea about my life whatsoever other than what he/she reads here on my blog, which hardly consitutes knowing me well enough to berate me about the things I say. I don't feel as though I should blog about my entire childhood in which I was abused both verbally and emotionally, not to mention not allowed to indulge in most child activities as the other kids my age. Or how I was so desperate to get away from my family when I graduated high school that I left with the man I met who seemed like he could pull me out of my slump, but instead I wound up having 2 kids with him and back in a situation that doesn't allow me to be "free." That is all personal information that I should not have to divulge in order for some people to be "ok" with my blog. So with that little background let me clear some things up:
*YES, I do love my kids with all my heart. They mean the world to me, and I am actually more grounded because of them, as opposed to how I would be without them.
*YES, I am a very happy person. I laugh, I joke, I smile.  I have few but WONDERFUL people in my life that make it worthwhile.
*YES, I do like alone time! I cherish every second! I am a full time student taking 15 college hours, so yes I do like some alone time to catch up on homework!
*NO, I do not party! I think it is a waste of time and money! My free time is either spent doing homework (as mentioned above), or reading a book, or heck...catching up on cleaning!
*YES, I do deserve time away from the kids. I never said forever. If it was such a bad thing then why does their dad take them on the weekends??? He has a side job now, so he can't.
*YES, I speak my mind. I will not change. Not for anyone.
*NO, I do not verbally or emotionally abuse my children just because I was as a child.
*and FYI, my children love me more than you will ever just because you don't like a post, where I am venting about the rough day I  had.....please do me and yourself a favor and just leave onto the next blog that consists of sunshine and daffodils because clearly that is how you see life and that is not how it is here all the time.

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