Friday, March 5, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I'm a really strange woman because most of them love, eat, sleep, shit, drink, and breathe the word diamond! Not me! I've heard some crazy shit before out of women! "Oh, my wonderful man bought me this (insert ridiculous number) carat t.w. diamond, he's gettin laid tonight!" or "OMG girrrrrrrrllll, you should see the rock I'm rockin!" I dunngivafuk! Talk to me about the new 0% APR on the new hot pink shade of the Discover credit card, then you gots my undivided attention! Serrrriously! It means more shopping! I may sound like a gold digger, but I've got too much pride to take anything from a man! I think my hunny likes that about me! LOL! Besides, I don't know of any man that would carry a pink credit card..well maybe Ryan Seacrest would but that's a different story! The beauty of using my own money instead of a man's is that I don't have to give you a reason as to why I need to buy something, I just buy it! I do know how to budget but when there is gets used! A little too often, a wave of depression rides over me and a simple trip to the mall restores my serotonin. :-D Scientific studies also say that excercising (including walking) keeps you fit and healthy! Walking can be done at the mall, and when you live in South Texas, indoor walking is wonderful! The mall is an essential part of every woman's life. Purses, shoes, clothes, jewelry (in my case, costume jewelry because I don't like real jewelry), shoes, purses, stuff for kids, shoes, purses, purses, shoes, purses, oh yea and shoes! It's a wonderful feeling! I was having a bad day and the thoughts pouring into this blog are making me smile! There are animal print stillettos, betsey johnson purses, hot pink, fushia, jet black, purple......................the list goes on and on. If you are feeling down, I suggest shopping! Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT SHOPPING IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT, NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF IT! For this reason....I sit at home and blog instead of perusing the many new stores at our newly remodeled mall. Sigh....that is all for now bloggers...must go back to my homework! :-D

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